B.M. Real Estate

B.M. Real Estate Brief Introduction

4场进球 www.jychc.com The real estate development business is mainly oriented to high-end commercial buildings with investments covering versatile types of properties including office buildings,hotels, hotel-style serviced apartments, shopping malls and luxury residential projects.It targets to build up a landmark urban complex in downtown areas whereby to increase the investment value in such commercial areas and stimulate the regional economic growth.

B.M. real estate is composed of Shanghai Hongbang Properties Limited, Shanghai Yaoda Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Runbao Properties Limited, Shanghai Jingyili Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Baohe Properties Limited and Shanghai Dongli Real Estate Co., Ltd. etc. To date, it has successfully developed many projects.

Projects Exhibition

B.M. Tower

B.M. Tower is a top-notch Grade 5A intelligent office building in the core area of CBD North Bund - known as "Top Commercial Hub in North Bund".

The major project is a Grade A office building of more than 60,000 square meters with auxiliary functions of banks, restaurants and etc., to facilitate the stay of the resident companies.

B.M. InterContinental Business Center

B.M. InterContinental Business Center is a complex consisting of one Grade 5A intelligent office building, two luxury five-star hotel buildings and one comprehensive international conference center located in the core area of Shanghai Railway Commercial Zone.

The office building is equipped with high-quality hardware facilities and equipment, such as York Air-conditioner of the United States, Swiss Schindler elevator,Schneider Electrics, double silver hollow Low-E glass curtain wall etc. The typical floor area is about 1790 square meters and storey height is up to 4m. Operation & management of the office building is conducted by the InterContinental Business Center of B.M. Diamond Property Management Co., Ltd..It provides customers in the building with high-quality and human-oriented property management services.

DaBang Cooperation Square

The two intercontinental project, developed by the group in the region, is jointly built by the BM group and the Nanfeng group, and the world's well-known communication service group WPP brings together 26 companies. The construction area of the project is over 80 thousand square meters, and the total height of the building is nearly 150 meters, with 31 floors and 2 floors underground.

Phase II, Phase III & Phase IV of B.M. InterContinental Business Center

Phase II, III and IV of B.M. InterContinental Business Center are programmed for high-end office, luxury hotel, boutique villa, shopping mall, and projects for leisure & tourism, culture & entertainment, and speciality restaurant & catering. Phase II is programmed for a 5A intelligent office building with similar height as the present tower to shape the twin towers; Phase III is programed for high-end business projects like large shopping mall, projects for leisure, entertainment and restaurants, as well as some high-rise residential buildings and a few villas along Suzhou Creek. After completion, the whole project will be another eye-catching urban spotlight along the Golden Business Avenue of Hengfeng Road and even in the central downtown area of Shanghai, and become an emerging CBD commercial center.

The project of China Finance Center

China Finance Center, the five-star hotel in Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, is the only five-star hotel within the territory but out of the Customs of China. The overall design is made by the famous Japanese design compnay-KKS and the Modern Design (Group) Co., Ltd.; the EPC constructor is China Construction Eighth Engineering Division, the project supervision unit is Shanghai Construction Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd.; The target is to convert China Finance Center into a five-star international hotel and its management has been entrusted to a well-known International hotel management group. After completion,the hotel will have 45 storeys and will be about 180 meters high; the total buliding area is about 85219 squre meters, among which the aboveground is about 71609 squre meters and underground is about 13610 squre meters.

Huaihai Mension

The project is located at the junction of Dingxi Road and Anshun Road in Changning district, and is close to the traditional noble villa areas in Xinhua Road. It has beautiful environment, convenient traffic with Metro Line 3 & Line 4 only one hundred meters away, and well-equipped surrounding living facilities. The plan is to build high-end residence with major types as small high-rise and townhouses.

Commercial Property Reconstruction Project – Dong Yi Building

The property is located at No. 88 Changshu Road of Jing'an District with Changshu Road to its east and Huashan Road to its north. It originally was an office building, and is currently proposed to be transformed as a deluxe boutique hotel. On the gross site area of 1958 sqm, total floor area of the property will be 6644.97 sqm after reconstruction. There are 5 levels above ground constituted of the building main structure and one more level added to one part of the building. In addition, a mechanical parking facility independent of the building is designed by the side. The facade of Dongyi Building is decorated mainly with aluminium sheet in combination with glass curtain wall, while decorative frame is introduced to the east and north facade to enhance such aspects as in building visuality, relation between facade and interior sloping floor as well as consistency from north to east. The design also significantly prevents the building from light pollution and heat radiation.

Commercial Property Reconstruction Project –Orient Foxtown Factory Outlet

Orient Foxtown Factory Outlet, as a premium outlet, is located closely to the Exit Xinbang of Hu Hang Highway. The project occupies an area of total 130,000 sqm with 68,000 sqm of which functioning as shopping complex by three levels above the ground. With simplistic interior style and grandeur facade design, the complex is nothing but an attractive landmark along the highway. What's more, Orient Foxtown Factory Outlet also ranks the largest one of Foxtown Family.